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How long does it take to process different photo shoots? 

Portrait sessions average 2 weeks, Weddings average 8 weeks. I am very particular in making sure the best images from the session are immaculate and perfect. This can not be rushed! 

Do you edit every single shot?

Yes. I strive to have my shots SOOC (straight out of camera) perfect. Even still, I make a slight adjustment to every shot, whether it be color or contrast. All images receive what I like to call a "once over". After that, I will choose the best images from each pose/outfit/scene and complete a more artistic edit including facial smoothing and blemish/stray hair removal. This is time consuming and can not be done on every single image. If an image that wasn't given this extra edit is ordered from your gallery for print, it will receive that additional processing before it is sent to the lab. I do NOT do additional artistic editing on prints that you plan to print elsewhere. That would just be silly, since a non-pro print lab will surely mess up the colors and clarity anyway.

If I want to get pictures taken how far in advance do I need to sent that up?

It's always best to book as far in advance as possible. I am often booked up 2 months in advance and can not always accommodate a last minute request. Newborn Sessions need to be booked before the baby is born. Once the baby arrives a final date/time can be determined, however I typically keep my schedule relatively clear on the weekend near a due date, in order to be sure I have the hours available for a newborn.

What if we are doing an outdoor photo shoot and it rains, will we reschedule, do I lose my deposit for canceling because of the weather?

Yes, we will reschedule, move it into the studio, or you can keep it as a credit towards a future session or mini spot.

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